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A customer asked me if I would mind if she sprayed spray paint on a piece of paper. I told her that if she purchased the spray paint then it was alright, but if she didn't then I did mind. She looked at me like I was crazy and cruel. I guess I never got the memo that it was totally cool to use spray paint indoors when it doesn't belong to us. That way if we don't like it we can just drop it on the floor like babies and have someone else throw it away and mark off the giant waste of money it had now become. We have had people use the spray paint (when we're not around) to write slur words on our walls and bathrooms; they've destroyed our shelves with it; they've destroyed other product with it; they've probably used it to get high. And what really drives me nuts is that after all of that, they just put it back on the shelf like what they just did was perfectly acceptable. Where do they think they are, Bath and Body Works? Do they see 'Tester' written on the side of everything? Who in their right mind thinks this is acceptable behavior? How childish!

This is when I dream of the stores in Russia where every item was behind a glass case and surly, bitter Russian women would glare at you from a distance whenever you asked to even touch an item before buying it. People don't deserve to touch our shit; they just abuse the right to be treated like functioning human beings.

Date: 2009-09-20 01:09 pm (UTC)
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The auto parts store nearby has a section of shelving where the spray paints are. The floor in front of the shelves is covered with colored blobs. Covered. Like it must be a common event for people to "test" the paint color that way.

The floor. People walk on that, right? With their shoes. Then they walk other places.

The caps of paint cans are supposed to depict the color of the paint, right? I can understand some degree of cynicism regarding the accuracy of that. I don't know whether it is typically good or not. However, the paint will typically be a different color dry than wet, so I question the customer's "test" moreso. Also, what are they comparing against? Do they bring in a piece of the car that they're trying to match the paint against? You can't exactly eyeball color matching. At least I can't. Maybe paper lady planned to bring the paper to the car. That makes sense. The floor, however, no.

Date: 2009-09-21 11:51 pm (UTC)
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The caps or the body of the can show the color of the paint, but a test spray does not accurately show how the color will dry or even the shade because you're spraying it thickly at a close velocity. It's stupid. Besides, our store has no windows and bad ventilation as well as large amounts of children. It's impractical and silly and drives me crazy whenever I see it. At least they don't spray the floor here.


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