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So the choices the authors made for these [12 High IQ Hunks and 12 Brainy Beauties] articles bother me. I agree with the decisions for the guys because they're smart, nerdy, and sexy. But the girls...apparently, to get on this list only had to be sexy, tangentially tied to a nerdy show, and can read. I don't even know on the reading part for some of them. The characters actual merits as a three dimensional being are unnecessary. Check this out:

Faraday: physicist
Cooper: physicist
Hofstadter: physicist
Bartowski: computers expert/spy
Tyler: engineering student
Hardison: computers expert/conman
Winston: crime scene cleanup
Guster: detective/business
Sanders: DNA specialist/criminalist
Mosby: architect/professor
Dreiberg: Ornothologist/superhero
The Doctor: he's the Doctor

and the girls?

Yang: perfectionist doctor with a reputation as bitchy and type a
O'Brien: computers...she might actually be a valid nerd but I couldn't tell you from the picture
Zoe: I don't even know. She wore a Leia outfit in a movie about fans of Star Wars. She might be a nerd too but I can't tell you because the authors don't seem to actually care.
Rachel: she's...ambitious and aggressive. For girls this is a nerdy quality and apparently a bad thing if you're not hot.
Granger: brainy wizard. Now she's legit
Codex: role playing gamer
Holly: a paleontologist's assistant who loves her boss. original.
Farnsworth: a junior FBI agent who never leaves the basement
PJ: a baseball sportswriter. That's nerdy, I'll give them that.
Watson: assistant MIB-type agent
Bones: forensic paleontologist. I'll give them that
Munn: a hostess for a gamer show who's role on the show is to jump into pies while skimpily dressed and allow her co-host to torture her with her balloon phobia.

Notice how most of the women only have first names in the poll? That only happened to one guy in the male poll. It's like it doesn't matter if the women have last names just like with pets or children.

So the guys are all in high-level scientific fields for the most part, are competent, and are nerds. Of the girls, about 6 or 7 of them are acknowledged as smart characters with nerdy jobs--but their jobs are not as highly competitive as the guys except for Bones and Granger--and the best the authors can say about the other half is that they look really cute in next to no clothes while nerdy guys drool over them. This is sad.

So even when they're pretending to judge these people by both their looks and intelligence, the women don't even really need intelligence (just boobs). If you aren't even going to stick to your own standards, what's the point in having them? I want a new poll, this time with legit nerdy, hot girls. I know they're out there.

Date: 2009-08-20 04:15 am (UTC)
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What I did notice was that both lists are on How much can one care about such lists from such a source?

For your new poll, I submit Jeri Ellsworth. If you haven't heard of her, Google will lead the way.
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Date: 2009-08-21 09:51 pm (UTC)
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i say that another list should be compiled such as when you worked on the ethnic actresses list.


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